10 signs that your business has an optimal business system

Does your company have an optimal ERP system? With it in place, you and your colleagues have what you need to work smarter, tailor workflows and automate processes.

So many people are wondering – how to choose the right system? 

At 24SevenOffice we don’t believe in replacing a system without goals and meaning. Think carefully about current work processes, and what the company wants to achieve. By making a neat survey and writing down the goals, you get a clarity in what your company actually needs.

Here are 10 signs that you have chosen the right business system;

  1. You have everything in one ecosystem. If you have everything gathered in one place, you will get a common thread throughout the system. A good example is that a number should only be required to enter once, in one place. The advantage of having everything in one system is that you get all core processes in one place, and; you get smart links to integrations. 
  2. You are always up to date, no matter the time and place. The business system has a user-friendly dashboard with its own widgets for important key figures.
  3. You have a full overview of all customers from CRM. It is a good sign if you have a clear view of important information related to your customers.
  4. You get updated accounts as a management tool. You work in the same system as your accountant.
  5. You have full control over your projects. You can create a detailed plan with all the tasks in a given project, link hours and costs to the project, and invite internal / external parties into the project.
  6. You have access to simple and efficient invoicing. By using a user-friendly invoicing program that allows you to automate all invoicing online, you facilitate efficiency, faster payments, good liquidity and positive working capital.
  7. Possibility of banking solution fully integrated in the ERP system . A modern business system is not complete without a seamless synchronization ledger.
  8. Automation at all levels. Possibility of several levels of automation, such as OCR, rule bookkeeping (RPA) and machine eye that reads the invoice with cognitive understanding (AI).
  9. ScalabilityYou use a system that is scalable and flexible, and that grows with the development of the business.
  10. You can work quickly and efficiently while on the go. You have the option of continuously registering hours and costs directly from your mobile phone, and effective approval of incoming vouchers and invoices.

Are you curious about how you can make your everyday life more efficient through an optimal ERP system? 

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