3 Factors that make the job of accounting easier.

After many years of experience in the industry, we know that the job of accountant can be very demanding. This means that we are always looking for ways to simplify, streamline and improve the accountants’ everyday lives, and we are very curious about all of the technology that can act as a helping hand.

Here are 3 factors that facilitate a simpler accounting job;

1. Good invoicing routines

Taking care of invoicing routines and processes is a good place to start. There is a lot to gain from ensuring efficient invoice distribution, using automated recurring invoices, and making sure to invoice continuously.

2. Automation of all repetitive processes

Ai Accounting, a new service that provides regular bookkeeping of incoming recurring invoices!

– Have you researched what artificial intelligence can do for you in the job of accountant? AI provides accounting controlled by item line level algorithms, and the AI robot learns from each entry so that it becomes increasingly smarter. Some of the benefits of AI in accounting are that you can greatly utilize big data, you retain control, you can override, and the robot learns at the customer level.

3. Systems that talk to each other (integrations)

When you get everything you need in one and the same system, you save time. A number should only be required to enter once, in one place. If there is the possibility of smart connections to integrations (industry-specific systems), this is a great advantage.

source: https://24sevenoffice.com/no/blogg/regnskapsforer/4-faktorer-som-gjor-regnskapsforerjobben-enklere/