8 important elements for smart time registration

Smart and flexible time registration is something that both managers and employees benefit greatly from. In this blog post you get an overview of what characterizes a simple and effective time registration system.

A cloud-based and user-friendly solution for time registration makes it easy for employees to register hours continuously, regardless of where they are. As a manager / middle manager, you will always have full control over hourly consumption, as well as the opportunity to approve hours continuously. A bonus is also that registered hours can easily be used as a further salary and invoice basis.

  1. Opportunity to be able to register continuously – from mobile
    This is important for employees to be able to easily keep hours on the go, and means that the manager thus gets full control of registered hours in real time.
  2. Easy to log overtime
    Registering overtime related to projects and assignments gives full control of all costs.
  3. Insight into overtime, flexitime, holidays and absences
    Automated calculation of overtime, as well as handling of flexitime, leave and absence are important functions.
  4. Budget functionality and planning
    Smart functionality for scheduling time that gives control over the hourly budgets for each individual project.
  5. Clear reports
    You should be able to easily extract tailored reports for registered hours, related to e.g. project, department, task and type of work.
  6. Approval of hours on the go
    The manager should be able to easily approve hours from mobile or desktop
  7. Time link to project, task or type of work
    In order to always have good documentation of the time used, it should be possible to link hours to current assignments.
  8. Automatic connection between time registration and payroll system
    The time registration system should allow you to use registered hours as a salary basis without manual transfer.

With these 8 points, you will go a long way towards having a simpler and more efficient everyday life.

By recording hours, consumption of materials, revenues and expenses in the same cloud-based system on the go, it will save the company both time and risk of manual errors.

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