What all consulting companies wants

After many years of experience in the industry, we know that consulting companies have a lot to gain from using an all-in-one system. With benefits such as time savings, efficiency, overview and good structure, it is worth taking a look at how our accounting program with associated add-ons can make everyday work easier for you and your employees.

We have gathered 6 reasons why 24SevenOffice is a great accounting program for consulting companies;

1) Get full control of your projects – from start to finish

24SevenOffice offers a very effective tool for project management. Here you get a good overview of time use and resources, where you can share and select important information with the people involved.
You always have an overview of the income and costs of a project, at the same time as you can see the result up to budget. You can also compare projects and see how you compare to your estimates.

The projects can easily be linked to customers and sales opportunities in the CRM module in the system, which means that you have a simple overview of all ongoing sales processes, as well as which customers are associated with each project.

The projects can be linked to one or more customers, and it is easy to “zoom in” on the hours and costs associated with a specific customer.

2) Make timekeeping a breeze

With our ingenious time registration tool, you get easy time tracking and reporting with the purchase. A cloud-based and user-friendly solution for time registration makes it easy for employees to register hours continuously, regardless of where they are. As a leader, you will always have full control over hourly consumption, as well as the opportunity to approve hours continuously. Registered hours can easily be used as a further salary and invoice basis.

For companies that need tools for a more advanced form of timekeeping, we have a good solution for that as well, namely the time registration tool Busy. Here are a few more functionalities for those who need it. With Busy, you will be able to keep hours in a simple and user-friendly interface, with automatic calculation of overtime and flexitime. Simple, efficient and seamless!

3) Invoice in a quick, easy and correct way

We make sure you can automate your billing, freeing up time, releasing reminders and reducing the risk of human error.

By using our user-friendly invoicing program that allows you to automate all invoicing online, you facilitate efficiency, faster payments, good liquidity and positive working capital. Get a full overview of invoicing and payments with a solution that is easily adapted to the invoicing processes in your company.

It is entirely possible to invoice several projects at the same time. Through a simple overview, you can collect hours and costs and create several invoices with a single keystroke.

It is also easy to re-invoice incoming invoices, and decide whether you want to attach the document to the invoice or not. The hourly basis and the invoice basis are linked together, and can be sent out as you wish. It is always easy to find a clear history if there is a need for it.

4) Keep the accounts in the most time-saving way possible

The very heart of 24SevenOffice is a simple, efficient and flexible accounting program. The program is designed for your company to be able to tailor workflows and routines adapted to their needs, so that you can easily replace unnecessary manual tasks with automated runs.

Some of the features that make 24SevenOffice an accounting program for forward-thinking consulting companies;

5) Save time where you can

Free up valuable time for value creation by letting artificial intelligence take care of the repetitive tasks of accounting. Use modern technology and AI as a competitive advantage by automating the entire document flow and facilitating efficient collaboration.

24SevenOffice is the first company in the Nordic region to offer artificial intelligence (AI) accounting. The technology provides particularly large gains and time savings for larger companies with a large invoice volume, by automating the traditional process related to document management, approval and bookkeeping.

6) Keep track of your customers – regardless of number or sizes

Taking care of your customers is of course the alpha omega. With 24SevenOffice’s smart CRM system, you get these benefits;

In short, all these important points are the reason why we at 24SevenOffice are passionate about the magic word wholeness. With an efficient and user-friendly all-in-one system, you get everything you need of tools and aids in one place. It is only when you use tools that work well together that we can start talking about really good flow in everyday life.

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