Partner Program

Accountants and bookkeepers can earn software revenue by bringing in clients to the 24SevenOffice platform.

Become a Partner

How Does The Partner Program Work?

We want all accounting firms to earn software revenue from the sale of 24SevenOffice licenses, and this is how you get started: 

When signing up to become a partner, we provide the accounting firm with a self-service Client Management module in 24SevenOffice. This module allows our partners to create new clients in 24SevenOffice, as well as inviting users and other accountants into the clients they create.  In other words, the accounting firms manage all their clients and their users from one place without any additional assistance from our end.

Accounting firms or bookkeepers will then receive commissions on all the licenses / users you create for your clients.


$ 25
Per Month
  • Per client
  • $25 per additional client


$ 250
Per Month
  • Unlimited clients
  • $250 per additional user


$ 700
Per Month
  • Unlimited clients
  • $35 per additional user


  • Unlimited clients
  • Customized for large firms

We offer a variety of options to better cater to your needs. Only pay for what you need.


The 24SevenOffice platform offers all the business tools your clients need, and you will receive 30-50% commission on all the users you bring into the system – single modules or finished package solutions.

Why join the 24SevenOffice Partner Program?

Accounting firms bring millions of users to various business systems (SaaS or on-premise) yearly, but most of these accounting firms don’t see a dime of the billions in software revenue they generate for the software companies.

24SevenOffice knows the importance of accounting and bookkeeping firms and offers a partner program to share the software revenue our partners help bring in.

24sevenoffice cloud based AI accounting


The accounting industry is changing rapidly with new emerging technology. Joining the 24SevenOffice partner program will help accounting firms stay ahead of the curve with our leading-edge AI accounting engine and our automation tools.

24SevenOffice is a full-fetch cloud-based ERP system, which means that it has all the business tools required to run a business – from AI accounting, advanced billing, CRM, advanced Project Management, etc. 

Automate standardized and manual accounting tasks and provide a scalable solution to end clients.

Contact us to hear more about how accounting firms can automate various business processes with 24SevenOffice that can facilitate a more efficient and productive workday. 


We ensure the best quality for our clients and refer them to our valued Accounting Partners. To qualify for the referral program and become an Accounting Partner, accounting firms must have brought in twenty clients into the 24SevenOffice platform. This is to ensure that 24SevenOffice refers clients to experienced accounting firms. Referrals will be distributed based on the number of clients the accounting firms have brought into the 24SevenOffice platform.


We help our partners make money, and 24SevenOffice has made several strides to help our accounting and bookkeeping partners benefit from our partner program. Our Customer Success Team is always ready to help you with inquiries from you or your clients. 

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