This is how the pandemic has changed requirements for companies a year in.


How the pandemic changes how we work When the corona pandemic came, everyday work was turned upside down for most people. Recently the journal ‘American Psychologists’ published the results of an international research project that examined how the pandemic has changed – and will continue to change – our jobs. The researchers looked first and […]

10 signs that your business has an optimal business system

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10 signs that your business has an optimal business system Does your company have an optimal ERP system? With it in place, you and your colleagues have what you need to work smarter, tailor workflows and automate processes. So many people are wondering – how to choose the right system?  At 24SevenOffice we don’t believe […]

Manage your production and inventory with ease

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Manage your production and inventory with ease 24SevenOffice MRP bridges the gap between Materials, Manufacturing and Inventory management. We make it easy to keep track on production cycles and warehouse stock. Our solution helps you run efficiently by integrating every facet of your business. Dig deep into your data, find the secrets to your company’s […]

Timesaving tool for timekeeping

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Timesaving tool for timekeeping 24SevenOffice now offers Busy, a brand new timekeeping tool. Busy works seamlessly with 24SevenOffice and can be used as an alternative to the existing timekeeping module.   With Busy, your company can manage hours, holidays and absences in a very simple way. The time registration tool, which is as clear as […]

Why it pays off to have everything in one ERP platform

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Why it pays off to have everything in one ERP platform Before we are digging into one of our favorite topics in 24SevenOffice – systematics and order – let us first completely agree on what lies in the concept of an ERP system. An ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a complete and flexible cloud-based […]

Now more than ever big accounting firms are adopting AI

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Now, more the ever, big accounting firms are adopting AI More and more large and forward-looking accounting firms are now intensifying their search for systems that can automate the entire incoming invoice processing. 24SevenOffice is ready for this shift. The market’s most flexible and leading AI engine 24SevenOffice’s market-leading AI engine can be connected as […]

Keep track of your sales pipeline with our CRM


Keep track of your sales pipeline with our CRM. 24SevenOffice offers a robust ERP platform to run your business. Our CRM module is prefect for sales teams to manage leads and sales processes. Our CRM lets you search for existing customers or contacts, collect and store all information on customer cards, as well as allowing […]

3 factors that make the job of accounting easier

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3 Factors that make the job of accounting easier. After many years of experience in the industry, we know that the job of accountant can be very demanding. This means that we are always looking for ways to simplify, streamline and improve the accountants’ everyday lives, and we are very curious about all of the […]

How to succeed with your business in 2021

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The new year is just around the corner and many are looking forward to being able to put 2020 behind them, roll up their sleeves and take new steps. But before you do just that, you should look at some important factors that will play a crucial role in the year ahead. Because even though […]

Email and work under one platform

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24SevenOffice gives you one place to sync your all your emails. This powerful feature gives you access to manage sales, campaigns, project alerts and invoicing. Our email module replicates the entire email folder structure, so you keep the workflow you are use to. Meaning you can work within the system. Emails between customers and employees […]