Read COO Henrik Bergsagers perspectives on the pandemics effect on our business, and our next steps forward.

How would you describe 2020? 

It goes without saying that 2020 has been different. For us, the wave of digitization in our target market has been the biggest change.

With everything going digital, we’ve seen small and medium-sized businesses taking the leap into cloud based sales, inventory, manufacturing and finance. This has happened faster than expected and ERP platforms have been an important part of that change.

With how 24SevenOffice US Group has positioned itself in the mid-market, the team has worked hard to meet the demand for our cloud based ERP platform – illustrated by our y/y growth in 2020 north of 270% in ARR.

What’s the next step for 24SevenOffice in the U.S. market?

Moving into 2021, building company culture and team development using an increasingly remote workforce will be a focus. We’ve seen that people are creative and efficient in a remote work environment and that’s something we want to continue to encourage. Still, there is nothing more important than seeing your colleagues, meeting new prospects and catching up with our clients face to face. So we look forward to the day where things are back to normal and people are safe.

COO 24SevenOffice US Henrik Bergsager