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MRP Manufacturing

Keep your standard routings, schedule and track output, and monitor your production expenses. Analyze the scheduled expenses for each manufacturing order versus the real expenses. Track price fluctuations, efficiencies, finished quantities, downtime, use of stock, scrap and rework. This data provides your team with what is necessary for their business to make critical choices.

Capacity Planning

Drill down into the capacity of your work centers. Run what-if scenarios to determine how to make adjustments.


Production orders are scheduled based on the work centers capacity, company schedule, material and resource availability.

Production Orders

Production orders are generated from product demand. The demand can come from sales forecasts, sales orders and material requirements from other production orders.

Make to Stock

Make to stock allows you to inventory the produced goods. Completed production orders are transferred to inventory to fulfill sales demands.

Make to Order

Create a production order directly from a sales order demand. Sub-contract purchase orders and material requirements can be setup to automatically generate.

Paperless Shop Floor

The work center dispatch list alerts the user of the next job to run. Tablets can also be used on the shop floor to streamline operations.

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