Project & Time Management

24SevenOffice ERP offers smart solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, adapted to different roles – covering everything from basic to advanced project management.

Use your resources properly

After the project is created and the project plan is fully set-up in the system, you can add participants and allocate resources for the execution of tasks based on availability in the resource planner.

As soon as the project starts, the project manager has a complete overview of progress, status and tasks in the project via Gannt charts or project and task lists in the project planner.

24sevenoffice full project overview

Full project overview

As a project manager, 24SevenOffice allows you to easily plan project implementation from A to Z - assign tasks, manage rights and invite any number of external participants to take part in the projects.

24sevenoffice time registration

time registration

Using 24SevenOffice, employees can track time on projects or on task level. Customize work types and hourly rates for different jobs and operations.

24sevenoffice project finances

project finances

Budgets can be created for each project, and by recording expenses to projects you allow your project managers to gain a complete overview of the financial status of each project.

24sevenoffice document sharing

document sharing

By utilizing file management on your projects, you have access to important documents wherever you happen to be.

Keep everyone in the loop

24SevenOffice Project allows you to communicate efficiently via the project wall from any device. All project participants receive continuous notifications by mobile when messages are posted on the “wall”.

Use the Dashboard to directly respond to posts on the wall from your «Quick List.» 24SevenOffice also allows you to connect e-mail communications directly to your projects.

Gain insight and advanced reports

Via the project list in 24SevenOffice, you have a full overview of the finances and the status of all projects – all in one place. You can even customize your reports and gain insights to sales revenue, profit, contribution margin, contribution-to-sales ratio etc.

From the Dashboard in 24SevenOffice, each employee and project manager can customize their own thumbnails across all projects.

24SevenOffice Busy Module

The 24SevenOffice Busy module has built a time tracking tool with an interface that looks and feels much like a calendar, making it easy to use and great for scheduling and managing time – both for employees and managers. Sync your project and team together with Google and Outlook. 

24SevenOffice provides a complete cloud-based MRP and ERP platform for your business. Request a demo and see what 24SevenOffice can do for your business. 

24sevenoffice bank module on computer

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