The new year is just around the corner and many are looking forward to being able to put 2020 behind them, roll up their sleeves and take new steps. But before you do just that, you should look at some important factors that will play a crucial role in the year ahead.

Because even though 2020 has been a different and demanding year, it has had a positive impact on digitalization and not least changed the way we work. Therefore, we will take a closer look at the report “Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021” to see what trends you should take with you to succeed in your business in 2021.

Flexibility will guide companies over the next five to 10 years

The report consists of nine technological trends that build on and reinforce each other. Gartner believes that the overarching theme of the trends is combinatorial innovation and that together they enable organizational flexibility that will help guide companies over the next five to 10 years.

The trends that Gartner has developed fall into the following three categories; people centricity, location independence and resilient delivery. If we look more closely at these, we can state that;

  1. There has been a change in how people interact with each other and with companies, but people are still the core of all business.
  2. They have gone from having a physical ecosystem to being more or less site-independent.
  3. The world is constantly changing, regardless of whether it is a pandemic or not, and companies that succeed in adapting to change have better conditions than other companies.

The trends that help your business succeed

As previously mentioned, combinatorial innovation is the overriding theme of the trends according to Gartner and this is clearly reflected in the points above. In addition, we can see another theme that permeates all nine trends, which is also 24SevenOffice’s own heart issue, namely automation!

With automation in focus, there are four trends that we believe are particularly important for companies to look at;

  1. Total experience
    According to Gartner, the “total experience” is the combination of the customer, employee and user experience. Here, combination is the key word, because here Gartner emphasizes the importance of optimizing these in symbiosis of each other instead of improving each one in a silo.
  2. Anywhere operations
    Perhaps the most crucial trend of them all for forward-looking companies. It has never been more important than now to have a business model and not least a system that makes it possible to drive the business forward independently of physical environments.
  3. AI engineering
    Having a clear strategy for AI is a must to be able to utilize the full value of technology. Companies that ensure that the AI ​​strategy runs in accordance with the remaining DevOps processes eliminate problems that include performance, scalability and control. By having a clear goal with the AI ​​strategy, you get a greater return on your company’s AI investment.
  4. Hyper-automation
    One of Gartner’s recurring trends. Hyper-automation is the idea that everything that can be automated in a business should be automated. This may sound obvious to many, but unfortunately we still see a large number of companies run by manual and repetitive processes. This can create both expensive and extensive problems for companies.

Interaction with today’s technology with a focus on automation

In summary, we can state that the past year has challenged people’s ways of interacting with companies, both from a customer and employee perspective. In order for companies to be able to meet the new needs, they are dependent on optimizing both systems and business models. Partly to replace physical environments with sleepless digital ones but also to streamline and automate the company’s processes.

As Gartner clearly points out, the clear acceleration of digitalization requires both efficiency, speed and flexibility of companies. Those who choose to ignore this will fall behind in development.

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Author: Evelina Odsvall