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New Medical Industry Client

We are pleased to welcome Cleveland Medical Devices as our new client.

ClevelandMed is leading the way in services and devices for portable sleep disorder testing. From monitors for home testing of sleep-apnea to full polysomnography (PSG), to fulfilment services directly to patients’ homes (SleepView Direct), ClevelandMed aim to improve the delivery of care and expand the reach of sleep medicine.

ClevelandMed´s web-based services and devices meet clinical guidelines for sleep-apnea testing, are easy for patients to use, streamline operations for healthcare providers, and offer cost efficient solutions for payers.

With hundreds of products and many parts to manage, Cleveland Med is now using 24SevenOffice Inventory Platform.

Our Inventory Management System lets you prioritize orders, assembly and ship orders to name a few. Create unique bill of materials for a multitude of products and versions. To see how this solution can work for you, connect with our sales team and see how the 24SevenOffice Inventory Management System can provide.