Our integration with Mailchimp gives you access to a leading application in email marketing. The integration allows for automatically linking contacts and categories in 24SevenOffice CRM – to the corresponding category in MailChimp. In MailChimp you can then upload underlying segments and automatic mail runs, just as you wish.

Take advantage of the opportunities by using email as a marketing and campaign channel, with relevant and accurate content based on categories and segments. For example, a challenge for many companies may be that their ERP or CRM system does not speak to their email marketing system. The consequence is that the company does not work with updated lists, or alternatively has to spend a lot of time exporting lists from a system to Excel, and then import these to an e-mail system. The latter is often time consuming, while manual errors can occur quickly.

How to get started?
MailChimp is fully integrated with 24SevenOffice. If you are a 24SevenOffice client, you can start the integration immediately. If not, contact us here and we will help you get started. The integration itself is free to use.