Spend less time tracking time
24SevenOffice now offers Busy, a brand new time tracking tool. Busy works seamlessly with 24SevenOffice and can be used as an alternative to the existing time tracking module.

With Busy, your business gets easy access to billable hours, holiday and absence planning in a calendar. Busy is intuitively designed with automatic flexitime and overtime calculation. Spend less time on manual processes and get more time for actual work!

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Busy is available on desktop, iPhone and Android. The interface is similar to a calendar, providing a userfriendly way to log time – both for employees and managers.

Internal and billable hours
Busy makes tracking time easy, whether it’s internal hours for payroll or client hours for invoicing.

Vacation and absence
Managers and employees have easy access to holiday planning and absence management in a calendar.

Calendar integration
When you add appointments to your Outlook or Google Calendar, events are automatically synced to Busy.

Flextime and overtime
Forget the hassle with Excel-spreadsheets. With Busy, flexitime and overtime is calculated automatically. Busy takes employees’ working hours, holidays and the company’s internal routines into account.



How is the workflow?

  1. Sign in
    Managers and employees easily log into Busy with their 24SevenOffice user
  2. Synchronize
    Projects, tags, and users connected to your 24SevenOffice client automatically synchronize between the systems.
  3. Log hours
    Employees log hours on active projects and tags in Busy’s user-friendly interface.
  4. Timesheet approval
    Managers approve and prepare the timesheet for invoicing using Busy’s approval functionality.
  5. Invoicing
    The timesheet is transferred to 24SevenOffice, where it is ready for invoicing.



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