Now, more the ever, big accounting firms are adopting AI

More and more large and forward-looking accounting firms are now intensifying their search for systems that can automate the entire incoming invoice processing. 24SevenOffice is ready for this shift.

The market’s most flexible and leading AI engine

24SevenOffice’s market-leading AI engine can be connected as a pre-system to all the traditional and most used accounting systems on the market. With this solution, accounting firms can fully automate up to 90% of the traditional process around document management and bookkeeping.

Now you may be wondering how to connect your existing accounting system on the AI engine to 24SevenOffice? It is solved in this way; AI Assistant is at the forefront and processes and interprets all invoices, right down to the item line level. Documents then go on to control and approval, before moving on to the accounting system.

Through open APIs, AI Assistant is designed for efficient and smooth deployment, where the efficiency gain through automation of manual tasks will quickly exceed the switching cost.

How does the AI engine work?

24SevenOffice uses an artificial intelligence accounting engine created with machine learning. The technology provides particularly large gains and time savings for accounting and finance houses with large invoice volumes, through all incoming invoices being sent automatically on approval flow and coming with a completed accounting proposal – ready for payment in a bank.

24SevenOffice has empirical data dating back to 1997, which makes the algorithm the best on the market today. Meaning our engine can adapt to any invoice layout and design.

AI Assistant continuously learns at both micro and macro level, and adapts to each individual accounting customer, and reads suppliers, product lines and context on all incoming invoices. In the future, it will open up completely new possibilities within, for example, forecasts, control related to the purchase of goods and services, reconciliation and accruals. In short; AI frees up the value of corporate data!

To get a better idea and see our AI engine in action, reach out to our sales team and setup a free demo.