Timesaving tool for timekeeping

24SevenOffice now offers Busy, a brand new timekeeping tool. Busy works seamlessly with 24SevenOffice and can be used as an alternative to the existing timekeeping module.


With Busy, your company can manage hours, holidays and absences in a very simple way. The time registration tool, which is as clear as a calendar, has a user-friendly design with automatic calculation of overtime and flexitime. An essential function is that the tool can also be used to plan and keep track of everyday work as a whole, so that you have everything gathered in one place. It does not get tidier!

In this way, you can plan time and keep hours in one and the same system, so that you avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

These are some of the features that make Busy ingenious:

Internal time and customer time

Busy makes timekeeping easy, whether you enter internal time for salary basis or customer time for invoice basis.

Flexitime and overtime

Save time on the manual processes. With Busy’s hour bank, flexitime and overtime are calculated automatically.

Holidays and absences

Managers and employees receive a calendar that provides easy access to holiday planning and handling of absences

Calendar integration

When you add appointments to your Outlook or Google Calendar, events are automatically synced to Busy.

User-friendly interface

Busy is available in the browser and as a mobile app. The interface is similar to a calendar, which provides a user-friendly and visual way to keep track of hours – both for employees and managers.

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source: https://24sevenoffice.com/no/blogg/timer/nytt-verktoy-for-timeregistrering-er-na-tilgjengelig-i-24sevenoffice