Why it pays off to have everything in one ERP platform

Before we are digging into one of our favorite topics in 24SevenOffice – systematics and order – let us first completely agree on what lies in the concept of an ERP system.

An ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a complete and flexible cloud-based solution that brings together all the core processes required to run a business. A good ERP system should solve the company’s needs for efficient financial management, CRM, reporting, travel and time registration, project management and payroll. In short; The ERP system is what the company needs to work smarter!

Now, let us share the benefits of gathering everything in one ERP system;

Automation and efficiency

When you automate and reduce manual processes, you facilitate to work smart and efficiently, so that you and your employees can spend time on what is most important.

You can tailor all systems to your business needs

With an open API (which in short means that the system is adapted for integrations with other systems) you get a unique opportunity to build an ecosystem and tailor workflow. Through the use of integrations, you can choose to connect a wide range of industry systems to the business system – that is; gather everything in one place.

Gather the core processes in one place

When you gather all of your company’s key processes in a cloud-based ERP system, you always have access and full control of your company’s core business.

Stay up to date – 24/7

By gathering and integrating all systems in one place, you can retrieve customized reports and key figures whenever you want, both on desktop and mobile. Everything is updated in real time in the cloud.

Work seamlessly in the same system as an accountant

You get a continuously updated accounting as a management tool for your company, which also means that you work proactively in the same system as your accountant.

Safety first

Forget server maintenance and upgrades. The ERP system complies with ISO standards, which safeguards the security and future development of the technology platform. With an ‘all in one system’ solution, you work 100% safely and securely in the cloud.

Summing up there is many advantages in choosing a complete and flexible ERP system in the cloud, which brings together all core processes in one place. A good solution for your company will enable you to create growth, free up time and tailor workflows with a scalable business system – which grows in pace with your company.

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