Why you should work in the same system as your accountant

Does the accountant invoice on behalf of you and your company? Or maybe you use a different invoicing system than your accountant – and drop by with binders or bags full of vouchers once in a while? And what about reporting?

Working in the same system as your accountant in the cloud gives a number of benefits. We have gathered 11 good reasons here:

1. Log into the same system
By working in the same cloud-based ERP system, you can work transparently on a common platform in real time. This means that as soon as the accountant, or you as a customer, have made an update or change to the system, the other party will automatically be updated.

2. Get rid of things continuously
What’s the point of letting things pile up when you can get it off continuously? There is no need to receive and process invoices manually. With a modern system, you can get everything directly into an invoice reception. Bottom line – full control at all times.

3. Take care of several tasks yourself
The fact that the customer and accountant work in the same system opens up a number of possibilities for tailoring an optimal work and document flow adapted to your needs. For example, as a customer you can take care of several tasks yourself; such as invoicing, approval routines, payment of invoices and time registration.

4. Fully automatic distribution of invoices
Did you know that invoicing can be fully automated? Now you no longer have to handle invoicing manually. Good systems will automatically check whether the invoice recipient can EHF, PDF invoice, or other formats. Easy for businesses to ship, easy and more efficient for customers to pay.

5. Continuous invoicing – better liquidity
Monthly and manual invoicing with the good old paper invoice or invoices by email, can have a greater negative impact on a company’s liquidity than many companies are aware of. Continuous invoicing will contribute to more secure delivery formats and you will receive faster payments from customers.

6. The accounts as a management tool
The fact that the customer and accountant work transparently in the same system in the cloud, facilitates that customers can have ongoing access to updated accounts. By using the accounts and reports as an important management tool for the business, the company has the best prerequisites for making good decisions with a focus on the future, not the past. The time when you only received outdated reports once a month by e-mail may be over.

7. Use an accountant for advice and quality assurance
An important prerequisite for an accountant to be able to advise a customer in a good way is that the customer has an understanding of the company’s financial situation and status. A general manager must not have to be an economist to be able to use the accounts as a management tool for the business. It should be easy for accountants to play their customers well.

8. Work paperless – get rid of accounting records
Electronic storage of accounting data in the cloud from the public sector equated with physical storage of accounting documents. The time when you had to fill up shelves – or the accountant’s archive with row after row of voucher binders, may well be over. It’s up to you.

9. Travel expenses and expenses from the mobile phone
It has been several years since the Directorate of Taxes abolished the requirement that companies must keep vouchers and receipts physically. Still, there are still far too many workers who have to spend unnecessary time decorating A4 sheets with receipts and vouchers, accompanied by the cumbersome glue stick – and the unresponsive tape roll. Put the lid on the glue stick for good, and register travel expenses and expenses on the mobile.

10. Security
One of the many reasons why more and more accountants are choosing cloud-based solutions for themselves and their customers is security. It is far safer to store data via a certified and professional player in the cloud, compared to traditional IT solutions.

11. Select an accountant regardless of location
By working in the same cloud-based system as an accountant, the need for geographical proximity to the accountant largely disappears. Location is no obstacle, as access to data is available anytime, anywhere.

Ready to make the switch?
If you currently use an accountant who does not keep up with available technology, you have several choices. You can encourage your existing accountant to adopt a system that makes your everyday life easier, more efficient and provides ongoing financial insight. Or you can simply switch to an accountant who uses leading technology. Switching is actually easier than you think.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of working in the same system as an accountant? Feel free to contact us for an in-depth demo.