24SevenOffice CRM provides you with a core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which you can use to manage all your sales and customer processes.

24sevenoffice stay in control

Stay in control

24SevenOffice CRM provides a complete overview of your customers, contacts and suppliers from a single location. All information about your customers, partners, suppliers and other contacts are linked to your unique customer card in CRM.

24sevenoffice win more sales

Win more sales

Adopting the 24SevenOffice CRM system as your sales support tool offers everyone in your sales team a real time summary of how many sales projects are in the pipeline, phases, likelihood for sale and period based forecasts.

24sevenoffice increase productivity

Increase productivity

The system is seamlessly integrated with business registration, so that users can search businesses directly in the system – and enter parameters such as name, organization number, address and contacts with a click from desktop, tablet or mobile.

24sevenoffice work flexibly

Work flexibly

A busy working day has more than one modus operandi – and consists of a wide spectrum of ways of working. This means that flexible tools, which make it easy to provide input and stay updated, are important – irrespective of whether it happens from a laptop or a smart phone.

An integrated solution

The solution is, of course, seamlessly integrated with the other modules in the system such as accounting, project management, hour registration and collaboration, but is also suitable for integration with a variety of other solutions such as marketing automation, campaign tools and customer service, to mention a few.

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CRM overview

Watch our CRM overview and get a better understanding of the system. Adapting the features of the system to the needs of each customer is central. Therefore, we have developed the system to ensure that you can easily customize and adapt changes to this portal unique for your users needs.

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