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24SevenOffice Mobile has been developed with the goal and intention of being a useful tool in those circumstances where it is natural to use the mobile to keep up to date – or to perform tasks during the workday.

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Reporting while on the move

Reporting by mobile aims to give you access to key figures and useful management data while on the move.

It provides access to time and invoicing reports, including trends, best-selling products, turnover at customer, project and department level – to financial reports such as EBIT for the current year and trends over the past 12 months.

All reports can be viewed either graphically or with more detailed figures. Most reports can be run using from-to-date mode.

Reporting by mobile aims to give you access to key figures and useful management data while on the move.​

Continuous update of project status

Project Mobile gives the user a full overview of their project tasks and responsibilities.

It is an extremely useful tool, and project managers can use it to delegate tasks to internal or external project participants. With a few keystrokes, you can, for example, change status, enter task descriptions to be performed – or hours worked.

Hour registration

Time Tracking on Mobile gives you a full overview of your active projects, the most recent projects that you have spent time on – or projects you have been invited to. «Hours» and «costs» can be effectively recorded by selecting the project you want to assign them to.

Users can see both a log of their latest registered time, as well as the status of each entry (approved or invoiced). This means that the project manager has an overview of both hours and costs in real time, so that invoicing and billing can be done continuously.

If you need to search for projects or create new ones – this can be done directly from your smartphone.

Approval of receipts & invoices

24SevenOffice’s approvals feature makes it extremely easy for company employees to approve invoices continuously from their mobile – regardless of where they are.

All the company’s «designated approvers» receive notification by mobile every morning and afternoon if there are expense receipts or invoices waiting for their approval. Project, department and any comments on the receipt can be added quickly and easily by mobile, making it an easy and efficient approval flow.

Communication with notification

You can use the «company wall» from either the desktop or the 24SevenOffice Mobile app to gather together all important communications within the company. As soon as a new message is added you will receive a notification on your mobile.

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