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ERP Integration & API

24SevenOffice has an open API, which in brief means that the system is engineered for integration with other systems – and at far lower investment cost when compared to traditional software.

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Customized Customized

Adapting the features of the system to the needs of each customer, such that our customers are able to build their own ecosystem, is central to 24SevenOffice’s business model and strategy.

Made for you Made for you

Our system allows companies to look at their business process holistically – with the modules in the system effectively integrated in all the central processes.

Fully integrated with hundreds of systems

24SevenOffice offers a broad spectrum of standard integrations, which means that integrations do not need to be cost driven.

The system is fully integrated with hundreds of systems spanning everything from debt collection and debt recovery services, financial statements, credit checks, factoring, online stores, cash register systems, logistics, support tools and campaign management to marketing automation.

Integrations with APIs

In order for customers to be able to use integrations to arrange their work flow and important processes in the most efficient manner possible, it is important to think through what the integrations will actually solve. One may, for example, ask:

  • How are we going to work today – and what can be done and solved better?
  • Which unnecessary manual processes can be replaced by technology?

You must first identify the processes or tasks which you want to solve in a more efficient manner. It is recommended to put as much detail as possible in writing, so that we can identify any challenges or changes early in the process.

We find that many people are worried about embarking on API-related integration projects as they think the projects are too technical. The fact is that the most important thing in the first phase is to document the processes currently in place, draw flow charts – and discover how to work in a smarter way.

Please refer to our API developer page for more details.

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