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Masterplan Industrial IoT

Achieve better performance with an automated and connected plant. Always know how productive and efficient your manufacturing plants are while saving on costs.

Data Collection

Accurate data collection is critical to know your true costs of a production order or project.  Real-time data such as time tracking, issuing material to production orders, quality control and more can be easily tracked.  Alerts and messages can be configured in the data collection module.  Quality issues, cost overruns and scheduling changes can be configured to alert the appropriate people.

Machine Monitoring

Take control of your unique requirements of inventory, materials and subcontracting services. Effectively manage your supply chain from the initial requisition through the goods receipt process.


Schedule maintenance orders based on time or usage intervals—usage hours are derived from the data collection time entries. Also, you have the ability to allocate material or labor usage to maintenance orders rather than simply relying upon time usage intervals.


Production orders are scheduled based on the work centers capacity, plant schedule, material and resource availability.  Capacity and material exceptions are easily identified.

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