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Sales Screen

SalesScreen is a tool built to lead and motivate sales teams to reach their goals, as well as build a stronger sales pitch in the workplace. SalesScreen is working to build stronger and more productive organizations around the world by helping teams set goals, measure progress and celebrate real-time performance.

What solves the integration?

SalesScreen is seamlessly integrated with 24sevenOffice, so all numbers are updated in real time. If you complete a sale in 24sevenOffice, SalesScreen will give you updated numbers after a few seconds. The visual presentation that is inspired by the gaming world will make sales, reporting, measurement and motivation a breeze.

Why should you use it?

  • Work on sales in 24Sevenoffice and visualize it as a game with SalesScreen
  • Collect key figures, see trend lines and budget progression
  • Arrange visual competitions between salespeople, teams or departments.
  • The seller who completes a sale is visually rewarded with personal image and sound
  • Keep up to date with the app for iPhone and Android

How to get started?

SalesScreen is fully integrated with 24Sevenoffice. To get started, you need the username and password for the 24SevenOffice API. Touch “contact me” on this page and you will hear from us shortly. The integration itself is free to use.