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MRP Customer Relationship Management

Maintain relationships with current customers and foster new ones with prospective customers all in one place. Ensure your team delivers quality customer service throughout the entire customer lifecycle from opportunity through post-purchase product support.

Customer relationship management

Create campaigns that track where each lead has been generated from to inform future decision-making regarding marketing spending. This gives your organization an area of focus based on the quantity and quality of leads generated by each campaign.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to the screens and are available for reporting.


Efficiently follow-up and track the status of your leads through an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Sort your leads through a variety of filters and easily convert an opportunity into a customer account for order processing.


Document the stages of the customer lifecycle to ensure that your team is following up with prospective customers and maintaining relationships with current customers.


Manage your sales pipeline with the ability to delegate tasks to team members and ensure that each lead is nourished at the proper frequency and with the right interaction based on their lead status.

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