Benefits of Automation for Enterprise Businesses

Benefits of Automation for Enterprise Businesses The adoption of Automation and AI is rapidly increasing across the global business landscape in a way that wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago. Over the next decade and beyond, the adoption of AI and automation technologies is set to rise to even greater levels, transforming […]

Inventory Software Walmart Integration

Man warehouse worker with a tablet.

Inventory Software Walmart Integration: What It Entails? Here Is Your Guide Inventory management refers to the process of keeping track of and controlling the company’s inventory as it is purchased, processed, stored, and used. It contains the entire flow of merchandise, from purchase to sale, ensuring that the right amounts of the correct item are […]

Three ways to automate your accounting


Three ways to automate your accounting There are currently three ways to automate the accounts, and in this blog post we will look at these different solutions, namely OCR, RPA and AI. Do you need a little recap on these terms and what sets them apart? Do not despair, here is your review. 1) OCR […]

8 important elements for smart time registration


  8 important elements for smart time registration Smart and flexible time registration is something that both managers and employees benefit greatly from. In this blog post you get an overview of what characterizes a simple and effective time registration system. A cloud-based and user-friendly solution for time registration makes it easy for employees to […]

How to work more efficiently from home


  How to work more efficiently from home How can we get the most out of our days when we’re working from home? How can we stay focused when we are surrounded by temptations, distractions, private to-do lists and accumulated housework? In short – how do we really work best from home? At 24SevenOffice we […]

Why you should get started with AI Assistant!


Why you should get your own AI Assistant At 24SevenOffice we have developed AI Assistant, which allows you to streamline and automate processes within the finance function – and thus manage the business on the basis of updated data.   In a market survey from 2019, MarketsandMarkets reports that global growth in the use of […]

A great cloud-based accounting program for consulting companies


What all consulting companies wants After many years of experience in the industry, we know that consulting companies have a lot to gain from using an all-in-one system. With benefits such as time savings, efficiency, overview and good structure, it is worth taking a look at how our accounting program with associated add-ons can make […]

Why work in the same system as your accountant?


Why you should work in the same system as your accountant Does the accountant invoice on behalf of you and your company? Or maybe you use a different invoicing system than your accountant – and drop by with binders or bags full of vouchers once in a while? And what about reporting? Working in the […]

How AI can help you beat time thieves


How AI can help you beat time thieves Time is gold. We are all looking for the best ways to simplify and streamline our work; so we can save time and money. Most people have heard of the concept of Artificial Intelligence, but few know what the AI concept includes, and how much profit this […]

This is how the pandemic has changed requirements for companies a year in.


How the pandemic changes how we work When the corona pandemic came, everyday work was turned upside down for most people. Recently the journal ‘American Psychologists’ published the results of an international research project that examined how the pandemic has changed – and will continue to change – our jobs. The researchers looked first and […]