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Manufacturing Execution Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Track engineering changes, revisions and defects throughout the product lifecycle to ensure traceability in case of product liability claims.  Approval workflows can be configured to ensure the proper controls are in place to document engineering changes.

Engineering Change Requests

Initiate engineering change requests to identify the items affected and feasibility of the change.

Engineering Changes

Modify the standard routing, bill of materials and attachments for the new revision.  Alternate and shared routings can also be created.

Product Management

Track the product from launch throughout the lifecycle including defects and product recalls.  The traceability feature can be used to determine all sales orders, purchase orders including material lot, serial, heat and supplier the material that was used in the product was purchase from and when.


Approval workflow can be configured for proper traceability and to ensure everyone that will be affected knows about the change.

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