-providing AI superpower to 180 thousand businesses

24SevenOffice has partnered with Miss Group, opening the possibility to offer AI automation and ERP solution to Miss Groups 180,000 customers. 24SevenOffice will in turn be able to offer web hosting, domain names, and hosting solutions to their customers.

Miss Group was founded in 2014 and is today one of the fastest growing web hosting groups. They offer hosting services like web hosting, domain registration, VPS, dedicated servers, site builders, SSL, SEO-tools, and web security.

If your customers do not succeed, you will not succeed either,” says Fredrik Björklund, COO of Miss Group.

Most SMBs in the U.S. still spend 23% of workdays on manual tasks, preventing them from projects that creates value. This is a problem that Miss Group wanted to eliminate, via a third-party solution.

Miss Group has recognized the immense possibility for automation and has evaluated different ERP and accounting systems. They landed on 24SevenOffice because of its comprehensive and affordable all-in-one ERP system, capable of automating many of the typical manual and time-consuming tasks.

Fredrik Björklund, COO of Miss Group

A complete ERP system is usually only available to enterprise companies, which often forces SMBs to utilize an ecosystem of various systems – one for billing, one for accounting, one for CRM, and one for Project Management – but with 24SevenOffice, Miss Group customers can have all the business tools they need in one system. This drastically increases efficiency. Furthermore, 24SevenOffice has an AI accounting engine (machine learning) that soon will automate certain accounting processes completely. Miss Group understands that this is the future of accounting and is willing to step outside their own expertise to bring extra value to their customers.

Unique initiative

It’s fantastic to see a company from a different industry being so proactive and foreseeing of technology development in the accounting industry. From our experience, many accountants are on their heels and reluctant to change – almost 80% of accounting businesses are still working in the old fashioned way. This prevents businesses from getting exposure to new technology, such as machine learning, and to utilize tools that could help them eliminate manual tasks. Miss Group has amazing customer retention, and it is because they go above and beyond to help their customers succeed. Leading-edge AI accounting technology will now be at the fingertips of Miss Groups customers, which will help them automate tedious tasks and become more productive,” says Stian Rustad, CEO in 24SevenOffice US.

Stian Rustad, CEO 24SevenOffice US