We’re excited to announce that Bizview has partnered with 24SevenOffice US to bring their world class performance management platform to all 24SevenOffice users.

Bizview’s platform aims at helping you perform better and faster with more accurate financial planning. Experience real time consolidation with an extremely flexible, scalable, powerful, and intuitive solution. Bizview is in a completely different class than other systems in the market, and with its 24SevenOffice integration, you can take your business forecasting, reporting, budgeting, and data analysis to the next level! Go from disconnected spreadsheets and unstructured processes to a unified interface for all your performance management needs.

How to get started?
Bizview is fully integrated with 24SevenOffice. If you are already a 24SevenOffice customer, contact us via info.us@24SevenOffice.com. We will connect you with Bizview to help you get started. Watch this video to learn more about Bizview – https://bit.ly/2RhQUiy.

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