MAVI Inc is a company focusing on providing effective, sustainable, and innovative solutions to the delivery industry. Similar to how Airbnb and Uber respectively revolusionized the hotel and the taxi industries, MAVI Inc has modernized the delivery industry by providing delivery services straight from their app «ASAP». To successfully execute this, MAVI Inc needed a system to help automate every accounting aspect of their business, and this was made possible through an integration with 24SevenOffice.

With just a few clicks, users of the ASAP app can order delivery of a package or goods, choose a desired delivery time, and track the delivery while in transport. However, for each delivery requested, Mavi Inc must capture user information, create sales orders, process payments, and bookkeep expenses and sales tax. Without an integration with 24SevenOffice, Mavi Inc would’ve needed an entire accounting department to handle these processes.

Hello integration, goodbye installation 

With the help of modern technology, the company has been able to deliver a product that has been well received, and operation manager, Tommy Larson, states they’re convinced that good partners have contributed to the success. 

Mavi Inc considered expensive enterprise ERP solutions, but chose 24SevenOffice, as it allows for customized API integrations. With the use of their own programmers, together with the 24SevenOffice API, the logistics company set up an integration that helps push all user- and sales information from the ASAP app straight into 24SevenOffice. The integration then automatically creates sales orders with correct sales tax, processes payments to transporters, and sets up and posts all required journal entries in the 24SevenOffice GL.

«24SevenOffice has been an important partner for us in the project as they have successfully assisted in automating and streamlining payments, bookkeeping and issuing of sales documents. They have shown expertise in both IT and accounting, and with the automation possibilities through our integration, collaboration became a “no-brainer” for us”, says operation manager Larson.