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Some say it will be here in four years, some say later in the future. 24SevenOffice is already there and we offer automated approval processes and bookkeeping using artificial intelligence (AI) to accounting firms with our AI Assistant. Get rid of cumbersome and tedious manual processes and gain a competitive advantage.

24sevenoffice AI cloud based platform


Utilizes data from hundreds of millions of transactions and invoices. We have more than 20 years of experience in the cloud.


The AI continuously learns how you and your team work (Machine learning). The system utilizes big data and learns at a global level across all clients.


The system will understand who the invoice is from, and each individual product lines. The solution can automatically process a large proportion of the invoices you currently bookkeep manually.​

24sevenoffice cloud based AI


Invoices ready for bookkeeping are prepared, sent on approval processes, and listed for review. This is to make you familiar with the AI Assistant and be able to rely fully on it.


The AI reads and interprets at line item level, meaning you will capture data all the way down to the item line level.​


With the solution, all incoming invoices can be automatically sent on approval processes. Avoid invoices piling up – or worse, having to deal with debt collectors.​

Customer stories from our accounting partners

Get acquainted with accounting agencies that have gained a more efficient and agile everyday life with a modern and genuine cloud-based accounting system.

Now we spend perhaps 80 percent of the time putting data and numbers into the accounts, and 20 percent on analysis and advice. In 1-2 years, I think half of the manual processes associated with the accounts have been automated.

- CEO of Value Accounting

24sevenoffice cloud based AI accounting

Work with your customers in the same system in the cloud

Experience the benefits of a powerful accounting system adapted to the modern accountant’s everyday life. Gain a competitive advantage and take advantage of the AI technology and all the possibilities to streamline and automate workflow and document flow.

Deep insight into the accounts. Reads and interprets at line item level.

With AI Assistant, your company can utilize algorithms and machine learning as a competitive advantage – and fully automate many of the traditional accounting processes.

24sevenoffice bookkeeping software

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