We offer Bookkeeping and Accounting services.  From our network of professional certified accountants partners. Let us connect you with a team of quality bookkeepers and accounts to do your accounting and let you run your business

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Bookkeeping services

With our partner network we offer bookkeeping services including accounts payable, billing and receivable reports, controller-level services, financial reporting, preparation and review, HR administration, payroll support and month-end closure. 

Work in the same system as your accountant

24SevenOffice allows customers and accountants to work transparently in a single system and in real time on a common, cloud-based, platform.

Some businesses keep a large part of their finance operations ‘in-house’ while others leave a majority of the task to their accountants. With our solution you can arrange work flow flexibly and optimally for your business – so you can take care of those tasks which are appropriate for you to resolve yourself, and use accountants where it is natural to do so. For example for accounting, reporting, year-end statements and consulting.

Your auditor also has free user access to the system.

Using accounting as a management tool

In the 24SevenOffice model, we enable customers to handle those tasks which are most sensibly solved «in-house», customized to the resources and expertise of the business. Thus, from our viewpoint, businesses acquire better foundations and conditions for using accounting as a management tool.

With continuously updated accounting your business is able to base its management and decision-making on up to date figures, and not numbers pulled out of the deep freeze.

The system gives you an overview of your financial status through a variety of real-time reports from desktop, tablet and mobile. You can also build your own customized Dashboard with «widgets» for everything from key figures, most invoiced projects and customers, which sales reps have the highest sales in the current year, liquidity and balance to profit.

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24SevenOffice provide a fully integration platform for your business. Connect teams, track projects, Manage your budget,  and more, under one platform. Request a demo and see what 24SevenOffice can you for your business. 

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