Using the right accounting system can save your business time and money. In this article we’re offering a guide for you’re considerations, to help you make a neat and structured choice.

When is the best time to switch to the right accounting system? Many businesses are wondering if it is smart to change accounting programs when transitioning to a new year. Switching the system at any time is fine, but we still recommend steering towards a sales tax term. 
New system – new possibilities, but why do you want to change system? Do not change system without purpose and meaning. Think about today’s work flow. Are there any challenges with today’s system; cost, scalability, availability? Maybe your company wants to work more automated and efficiently, or spend less time on reporting? Make a neat survey and write down the company’s goals.
There are many systems to choose from, and your company needs today may be different a year from now. Therefore, choose a system that is scalable – and that grows with your business.
It is important to choose a system that is innovative and that invests in development, so the system keeps up with technological developments. Is the system you choose up-to-date? Does the software vendor put money into development so you can experience success together?
Choosing a cloud-based system will keep you up to date, can remain competitive and can provide great value for your customers. You will always have updated books, online access to your own accounting data and automated journal flow. Also, customer and accountant can work in the same system.
Last but not least – the technological benefits will contribute to a much more automated and efficient business life.

Changing the accounting system does not have to be cumbersome and demanding. When you switch from one system to another, you have a golden opportunity to “clean up”:
* Together with the vendor, ensure that you facilitate a good and efficient implementation.
* Together you can easily find out what data and history is appropriate to include – and what can be lookup data.
* Switching systems gives a great opportunity to go trough customer and supplier lists, and get rid of contacts you no longer need.
* Check the duplicate directory and collect residual records in the case of duplicates.
Starting with a new system is entering a new phase,  and it is quite normal to face challenges. The process of switching systems should nevertheless be safe – both before, during and after.
Will you get follow-up assistance after you sign up for a new vendor? Is the vendor committed to maintain good customer experience? Is there help in the form of webinar and / or consultancy?
You should have an open dialogue with the vendor about expectations and needs for follow-up support. You will quickly notice if the system vendor takes care of further customer relationships.
And remember; a management that takes an active role in the process is an important success factor when your business are switching to the right accounting system.

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